Our Team

Tape to Type is a professional transcription company that specializes in high quality transcripts for the market researcher.  

Our team consists of approximately 20 stay at home moms from around the country who are all trained and experienced typists.  All of our typists are US based, which means we never outsource our work or use voice recognition software to ensure the highest quality transcripts.  

Tape To Type has been run by Karen Obert and her family for over 10 years and excels in providing quality transription services at a reasonable price.  

Karen Fisher, President and Founder

With a BA and an MA in research psychology, Karen has the insight and understanding of research methodologies used by market researchers. This understanding along with her extensive education was enhanced after she was taught the intricacies of producing market research transcripts from a focus group moderator. Karen founded Tape to Type as it would allow her to remain at home to raise her two small children, while creating a business that focused on transcripts geared towards qualitative research professionals. As the business grew, Karen saw the superb resource of stay at home moms who were similarly educated and motivated to provide high standards of excellence. Since its foundation, Karen has ensured that the primary objective of Tape to Type be to provide high quality transcripts while treating clients and employees alike with the utmost respect. Her focus on maintaining the company's integrity first and foremost is what allows Tape to Type to continue to form successful relationships with all market research clients.

Tim Obert, Consumer Project Manager and Transcriptionist

Tim is Karen's son and has been working as a transcriptionist for Tape to Type since its early days. Tim attended UC Santa Cruz where he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in business. He also spent time studying in London and China. Since graduating, Tim has taken on a role as a project manager with Tape to Type and organizes all of the consumer based studies. His business background has also allowed him to take part in company development. When he is not working, Tim enjoys brewing his own beer and rock climbing in San Francisco. 

Stacie Noland, Pharmacy Project Manager and Transcriptionist

Stacie has been with Tape to Type since 2006. She attended Texas Tech University and majored in English and has a medical transcription degree from US Career Institute, Fort Collins, Colorado. Stacie manages the pharmaceutical transcription and is a transcriptionist herself. Her education and background provides Tape to Type with accurate and timely turn around on transcriptions for clients. When she is not working, Stacie stays busy with her husband and their six children in Reno, Nevada.