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Bill Weylock, President, Rockhopper Research
Tape to Type and the Oberts are first class in every imaginable respect. The work is highly professional, always on time or even early, and extremely good and responsible. If there are difficulties with a tape, we know about them right away and discuss options. But I have also known them to barrel through tapes on difficult technical subjects with speed and accuracy. We have used them exclusively for many years, and I could not recommend them more highly or enthusiastically!

Carol Foley, PhD, President, Foley Research Inc.
Over the years, Tape to Type has been my only source for transcription. As a QRCA qualitative consultant, I seem to get several solicitations every month from transcription services. But I always turn to the Oberts because they meet their schedules, their work is excellent, and the price is competitive. Many of my projects concern health insurance, and the Oberts now know the particular terminology. What I especially value is the personal attention and relationship we have built. I know I can rely on them, and therefore my clients can rely on me to be on time and to deliver quality transcription!

Walt Hilker, President, Hilker Research & Consulting Inc.
For any project that requires transcription, my first and only outreach is to Karen and Tim's team. Their work is always of the highest quality, and their turnaround time is lightning fast. When needed, they've been graciously flexible and responsive to sudden changes in project requirements. And on top of that, they're a pleasure to work with. Another moderator recommended Tape to Type to me years ago, and I've tried to pay that favor forward to other moderators. 

Beth Ann Bender, Director of Qualitative Research, Medical Marketing Economics
Tape to Type is more than just a vendor, they are a partner. The combination of their superb transcription services, commitment to detail, problem solving skills, and excellent customer service make them a top-notch group to work with on every engagement. 

Julie Francis, Principal, BellaVia Research
A bit about why I recommend them so highly: They just completed a very difficult job for me (multiple audio and video sources from an in-home, in-car, & in-store shop along) where I was wearing a mic, the participant was wearing a mic, and the videographer had a camera and I had a camera too. It was a transcription nightmare. Rather than throwing their hands up and saying, "This is the best I can do," leaving me with poor quality transcripts, the Tape to Type team went above and beyond, listening through several audio sources to provide me with the best possible transcripts. They did this because they take pride in delivering the best work they can. They regularly dazzle me with their dedication and quality, and I can recommend them without hesitation.

Melanie Dowe, Senior Partner, Dowe Johnston Insights
We have used Tape to Type for several projects and have been very pleased with their focus group transcript service. Their work is excellent. Transcripts are virtually error-free and they do a very good job in handling recordings with a lot of overtalk. They are also responsive (even on weekends) and turnaround times are fast. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services.